Members of the Re-Wind project team (February 2019)

Members of the Re-Wind project team (February 2019)



Prof. Larry Bank
Lead Principal Investigator
(Composite Structures - Engineering)

Franco Arias
(Research Assistant)




Assoc. Prof. Russell Gentry
Principal Investigator
(Design Lead - Architecture)

Asst. Prof. Tristan Al-Haddad

Benjamin Tasistro-Hart
(UG Research Assistant - Architecture)

Mehmet Bermek
(PhD Research Assistant - Architecture)

Ammar Alshannaq
(PhD Research Assistant - Engineering)


Dr. Paul Leahy
Principal Investigator
(Wind Energy Lead - Engineering)

Dr. Gerard Mullally

Dr. Niall Dunphy
(Political Science)

Angie Nagle
(PhD Student - Engineering)

Fergal Gough
(PhD Student - Sociology)

Heloisa Lemmertz
(PhD Student - Business)



Prof. Jian-Fei Chen
Principal Investigator
(Composite Mechanics Lead - Enginering) 

Prof. Ruth Morrow

Dr. Jennifer McKinley
(GIS Lead - Geography)

Conor Graham
(Research Staff - Geography)

Emma Delaney
(PhD Student - Geography)

Dr. Raj Suhail
(Post Doc - Engineering)



Jeffrey Russell
Vice Provost, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

John Blaho
Director, Industrial-Academic Research, City University of New York, USA

Nathan Post
Director of Technology, WindESCo, Boston, USA